The Made in New Orleans (MiNO) Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to enrich life experience through food and mentorship. Since 2011, the Chefs Move Scholarship program has supported the development of young local talent and raised funds to send applicants of color to the International Culinary Center and the Colorado Culinary Academy. The scholarship program included tuition to the 9 month Culinary Arts program, Culinary supplies, airfare, living expenses, a BRG-Hospitality externship and Executive Chef Mentor.

Each graduate of the Chefs Move Scholarship Program, including the most recent four graduates (May 2018) are from New Orleans, committed to growth and learning, exceptional at their craft, and committed to giving back to New Orleans.  The MiNO Foundation is proud to continue the scholarship program to the International Culinary Center and expand our program to provide mentorship and resources for building business skills and management to community outreach. We are excited to look ahead, continue to award scholarships for continued education, life skills, and exposure to life changing opportunities. We are in collaboration with our current alumni to create opportunities for young people in New Orleans.

Our vision is to provide complete resources to young people who are deeply passionate about the culinary arts, New Orleans and are driven to make a difference in the lives of others.  In collaboration with our alumni scholarship recipients, community partnerships, and supporters, we are committed to generating educational and unique opportunities for youth in New Orleans through food.  We are committed to developing a program that addresses the barriers to kitchen advancement and redefine access to opportunity for young people who are deeply passionate about the culinary arts. We believe we can traverse the challenges in the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry in New Orleans together.

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Lauren Darnell
Executive Director