The Made in New Orleans (MiNO) Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization enriching lives through food and mentorship by providing access top culinary education and entrepreneurial resources.

We believe the future of New Orleans kitchens and business is equitable access to resources to build ownership and sustainable health and wealth in the restaurant, hospitality, and tourism industry. We provide resources for aspiring chefs of color to cultivate their culinary talent and business skills to gain access and increase representation of Chefs of Color in and out of the kitchen in New Orleans and beyond.

MiNO Programming:

    • Culinary Scholarship Program

    • Graduate Showcase Program Post Scholarship

    • Build Your Business/Entrepreneur program

    • Community Outreach Program

State of Kitchens and New Orleans:

    • According to 2018 Bureau of Labor Statistics data, 52.9 percent of the nationwide total of restaurant, food services, and drinking establishment workers are women, just 22 percent of the chefs and head cooks are female.

    • 75.7 percent of food service managers are white and 10.7 percent are black.

    • Workers in New Orleans’ restaurants are 47 percent white, 39 percent African American, 7 percent Hispanic, and 4 percent Asian.

    • In 2016, visitors to New Orleans spent $7.41 billion dollars.

We believe we are made together living, working, eating, serving and creating in New Orleans. We continue to value service to our community and making a difference in the lives of New Orleanians through what we love the most food, community, and mentorship. We invite you to join with us and support to make a difference in New Orleans.  If you love New Orleans support its culinary future. We believe it is possible for a seat for everyone at the table.

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Lauren Darnell
Executive Director